Grayson DeJong

Grayson DeJong – Admin/Youth Development Worker, Part-time

BC-born and raised, Grayson is a graduate from Simon Fraser University with a passion for World History and writing in the English Language. He has worked in many different fields during and after his schooling, including youth-based non-profits, municipal and federal governments, a tech-startup with a focus on developing software tools that support volunteerism in BC, and even an indie video game company as a narrative designer. He is fascinated by popular culture, film and digital media, as well as reading and creative writing — especially for his D&D groups. He is recently married, and has a dog named Sunny and a cat named Buffy. Grayson has a long-standing passion for education and will be attending UBC’s teacher education program in the fall, while continuing to work part-time at Whytecliff.

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