Tanya Wadden

Tanya Wadden – Vice-Principal & Educator


Tanya was raised in Ontario, but three of her formative years were spent in Pakistan. Always passionate about stories and writing, she received a Joint Honours B.A. in English and French literature from McGill, spending her second-to-last year in Paris, France. She then raised four children in Vancouver, and became curious about more open and creative ways to educate children. At first, she homeschooled her children with a handful of families. Then they joined Windsor House, a non-coercive, parent-participation democratic school. Tanya received her B.Ed. from SFU in 2011, and worked as an English and French teacher at St. John’s Academy and King David High School respectively, as well as at Capital Academy in Ottawa. She has since taught and mentored hundreds of children and adults, on-line and in-person, including students in Mainland China and in Vancouver. She specializes in reading and writing, but also loves to connect with her students in a holistic way, encouraging them in all aspects of their lives. Tanya loves nature, food, gardening, camping, yoga and meditation, and exploring new cultures and ideas.

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