Zane Markley

Zane (they/ze/she) has been teaching math since Grade 2, when their perceptive teacher directed their interest in math and strong communication skills into peer instruction. Zane earned a B.A. in Economics at the University of Chicago, where they joined the campus circus troupe. After dabbling in the circus arts for a few years, they returned to the call of math’s education with a Master’s in Education from George Mason University. They taught in both Virginia and Maine before moving to Vancouver, finally finding a feeling of home. After growing up in a family full of neurodivergence and struggling with the executive dysfunction of late-diagnosed ADHD, Zane recognizes the importance of removing barriers in education. They believe that all students have their own brilliance, both in and out of the field of mathematics. They still practice trapeze and partner acrobatics at Circus West. They enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts while knitting or trying out textile techniques from the Bronze Age.

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