Betty Pietak

Betty Pietak – Arts Educator, Part-time

Originally from Ontario, Betty relocated to the west coast to pursue studies at UBC, a journey that nurtured her passion for art history, drawing, painting, and the captivating realm of darkroom photography. While pursuing her BFA degree, she simultaneously worked at Harmony Airways, an experience that ignited her path as a travel and commercial portrait photographer. However, an awakening realization of the significance of education and community drew her back, prompting a pivotal shift. This transition led her to Los Angeles, where she obtained an MA in Art Education from California State University, becoming the cornerstone of her current journey as a dedicated Visual Arts educator. Throughout her career, Betty has experience in a variety of visual education areas, including darkroom and digital photography, video production, digital art, drawing, painting, and design. Her teaching footprint can be found across various educational settings, spanning public and private institutions in Langley, South Korea, Cairo, and West Vancouver. Beyond her professional pursuits, Betty embraces the outdoors, indulging in activities like hiking, scuba diving, snowboarding, and running, all of which underscore her vibrant nature.

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